Side view of a young boy using laptop isolated on white backgrouAssuming you’ve already defined your target market (the kind of customers/clients you want to do business with), then your first step on LinkedIn is to get yourself noticed by that target market. That means making your profile sticky and engaging.

Your next step is to build up your connections so you can communicate and be seen by that target audience. This involves joining groups, sending requests to connect and making yourself found so people want to connect with you. It’s no good playing a great game to an empty stadium! [click to continue…]

What’s the story?

by Sandra Hart on March 13, 2013 · 0 comments

What is your story?I went to University in Dublin, a favourite greeting there is “What’s the story?” which is sometimes shortened to “story?”  Being from the Mayo, deep in the west of Ireland, when I went to Dublin first I wasn’t used to the “North Side” accents and really didn’t know what most people were talking about for a few weeks, I thought it was some sort of Gaelic slang!!

Really when you think about it, we love telling each other stories, years ago we had professional storytellers in Ireland sitting around fire places recanting stories and telling tales. Now we have great speakers who do the circuit mesmerising audiences with their story, empowering others with their experiences. I remember hearing Bear Grillis years ago speak of his adventures; it was as if we were all there with him on the journey. [click to continue…]

Digital Skills and Mindset

by Penny Power on December 31, 2012 · 0 comments

group 3 (276x183)Could 2013 be the year you monetise your online brand?

I cannot believe that 2013 will mark my 15th year of being committed to providing Digital Skills to business.  The journey has been fast, exhilarating and has taught me the power of tenacity, choice and how to work with open minds.  I have chosen not to work with closed ones!  That is another story. [click to continue…]

Successful Networking; it’s all about the relationship

by Linda Parkinson-Hardman on November 22, 2012 · 0 comments

Successful networkers know that the passing of a business card or a brief chat at a networking event is just the beginning of the networking process. This is true whether you are in a face-to-face event or whether you’re online. The business success that a good networker has comes down to one thing, the strength and depth of the relationships they cultivate.

Let me give you an example; you go to a networking meeting for the first time and you meet a fellow new member, after chatting for a while you both agree that it would be good to spend a little more time talking about your respective businesses, and exchange business cards; so far, so good. Congratulations, you’ve got the first part of networking right.  [click to continue…]


October 29, 2012

A few years ago, if I were setting off on a journey to somewhere new or unfamiliar I would have done a few things first: look at a map, calculate how long the journey would take, choose the best route and note down a few alternative ways in case I came across road works or delays. We now have more modern technologies like Sat Navs which allow us to simply type in the destination and they do the rest. In a matter of minutes they calculate the route, the length of time the journey will take and they can even advise [...]

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What Impact Does a Nation’s Culture Have on the Growth of Networking?

April 10, 2012

Last year I visited Vietnam to speak at two events about networking and why it is so important. In preparation for my talks I asked Vietnamese business owners and expats based there for their views on Vietnamese networking culture and how it compares to the way we network in the West. Whenever I speak overseas I am told that the culture in the country I am visiting is different to the UK and, importantly, is less well developed. Swedes tell me they are shy, Romanians told me they are less willing to share ideas, contacts or advice. The Vietnamese told [...]

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Trading stories: How to make your 1-2-1 meetings more effective

March 30, 2012

1-2-1 meetings are an important element of business networking. They help build relationships, develop trust, and identify areas of potentially working together in one way or another. One of the most effective ways I have discovered for achieving this is by sharing stories with each other. I am not talking about telling fairy stories. Real life is much more interesting!

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