Digital Supply Chain

by Penny Power on May 7, 2013 · 0 comments

Side view of a young boy using laptop isolated on white backgrouRecently I made a pretty ground breaking decision which was a moment of realisation for me. I decided that I couldn’t do business with suppliers or colleagues, collaborate or belong to Discussion Groups unless the people I was connecting with we’re digitally savvy and could respond to email, Calendar Invitations and open documents fast. Of course, I have to accept that clients are not digitally savvy at all times, that is my marketplace.

My life now leads me into many exciting projects to help the digital economy, to grow the skills within the digital supply chain between companies and people. My love is Community building and helping people to become great Digital Citizens and sometime Great Digital LeadORS. I do this through the The Digital Business Campaign wotking with Digital Youth Academy, Frontier and leadORS. [click to continue…]

Bored Meetings

by Andy Bounds on April 4, 2013 · 0 comments

Eight simple ways to stop tedious meetings ruining your week

Multi-ethnic group portraitBNI meetings are brilliant – lots gets done. There’s bundles of energy.  Everyone contributes.

Most business meetings, of course, aren’t like this.  In fact, research by Epson found that inefficient meetings cost the UK economy £26billion per year.  Apparently, we waste an average of nearly three hours every week because of inefficiencies in meetings.

Here are my eight ways to transform meetings, so you get more done, more quickly, and with minimal waste. [click to continue…]

How Rude!

by Charlie Lawson on December 10, 2012 · 8 comments

At a networking event recently, I bumped into Elizabeth, an old colleague from a previous job.  As it was a busy event, we both agreed that we should sit down for a coffee to have a proper catch up, so we arranged to meet the following week.

With the chance to talk properly, it turned out that through our various contacts, we were both in a position to help each other.  I was really excited – her current role was on a project with a client that I’d been interested to get an introduction to, and amongst other things, I’d done a speaking session for a franchise business that her firm really wanted to pitch for.  [click to continue…]

Successful Networking; it’s all about the relationship

by Linda Parkinson-Hardman on November 22, 2012 · 0 comments

Successful networkers know that the passing of a business card or a brief chat at a networking event is just the beginning of the networking process. This is true whether you are in a face-to-face event or whether you’re online. The business success that a good networker has comes down to one thing, the strength and depth of the relationships they cultivate.

Let me give you an example; you go to a networking meeting for the first time and you meet a fellow new member, after chatting for a while you both agree that it would be good to spend a little more time talking about your respective businesses, and exchange business cards; so far, so good. Congratulations, you’ve got the first part of networking right.  [click to continue…]

6 Ways to Appear More Professional

September 10, 2012

AS I often say to my coaching clients when we’re talking about building their reputation as the go to choice for what they do, it’s more about perception than reality. In other words, it’s often better for you to appear professional than actually be professional. Obviously, both appearing and being great is better by far, but let me explain. Do you know people who are better than you but don’t get as much business? Yes. Equally, you probably know people who you are much better than, but they seem to get more business than you. I’m not saying it’s fair, [...]

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The ABCs of Referral Marketing – F is for ……….follow up!

August 31, 2012

So you’ve been to a networking event you’ve met some great contacts, you have got lots of business cards, you had some fantastic conversations. What now? Are you sitting in the office the next day just waiting for that phone to ring, the inbox to fill up, and people to call you with orders? I hope not because you may be disappointed. Networking is about building relationships with people, and a critical element is reconnecting with people in an appropriate way, a lot depends on the quality of the follow up.

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How do you chase up referrals you’ve been promised?

August 30, 2012

What do you do when someone has promised you a referral but you haven’t heard anything? It can be a very uncomfortable situation. After all, they’ve promised to do something for you but there’s no obligation on them to follow up. If you press too hard you may well not only lose the potential introduction but damage the relationship you have. Many people, facing this risk, will take the safer option and hope that the promised referral materialises. But what if your Champion has simply forgotten? How much new business is left on the table because we’re too nervous to [...]

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How do you keep in touch?

July 26, 2012

How do you follow up with the people that you have met networking?  In fact a bigger question – do you follow up with the people you meet networking? If you don’t follow up you will definitely be losing business, but also how you are following up will affect your future success. Today there are numerous ways to follow up like email, text, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, phone even, but if you are anything like me you get hundreds of messages a day.  Email is the worst and I just delete anything that I don’t instantly recognize.  I figure that if [...]

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