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The 3Hs: the easiest way to sell more

by Andy Bounds on August 13, 2013 · 1 comment

Some indisputable facts about selling:

  • Your business needs more sales
  • You’ll save lots of time, cost and hassle if you win sales using the easiest methods
  • It’s easier to sell to people who know you than people who don’t
  • Most of your customers could buy more from you than they currently do [click to continue…]

Being Specific is Easy

by Charlie Lawson on August 2, 2013 · 0 comments

 Part 3 – The WHY!

In the first two parts of this blog series, we looked at how being specific is easy, both when asking for business or when looking to do work for individuals. Now we come to the most important part of being specific – the WHY!

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Eat your own dog food!

by Richard White on April 2, 2013 · 0 comments

Dog CookiesI recently overheard someone at a business networking event use the expression “Eat your own dog food!”

It was a curious expression and I had not heard it before so I looked it up on Wikipedia and it appears it is quite a widely used expression in certain circles. Its origin is a little uncertain but it is a more colourful way of saying “practice what you preach”.

The person I overheard was talking to a marketing expert whom I know is struggling to find clients. One look at the appearance of the marketing expert would tell you that he knew nothing about personal branding. After a few sentences you would realise he knew nothing about marketing communications. His business card was one of those flimsy ones that you get for free off the internet. Get the picture?

Would you hire a disorganised Virtual Assistant to help you get organised? Would you entrust your IT support to a company that never answers the telephone and always lets it go to voicemail? Would you engage a web designer with an awful website full of broken links?

As a sales consultant and author of a book on business networking, I am always aware that my expertise is being judged by the way I network and sell as much as what I say.

Credibility is the currency of business networking and a critical factor in sales. Without credibility we are unlikely to get many referrals and we will really struggle to close the sale.

In these challenging economic times we need to ensure we have all the bases covered. One of those bases is eating our own dog food!

Richard White
Richard White is a sales coach and trainer. He specialises in helping IT consultants win more sales through effective networking. Richard is the author of ‘The Accidental Salesman Networking Survival Guide’ and is a highly sought after speaker on the subjects of networking and soft selling.

How to get your fill from Business Networking

by Richard White on February 27, 2013 · 0 comments

Different snacks for wine on banquet tableI get to visit a lot of networking groups and some are really buzzing and great business is being passed. Others, much larger in size, are not passing as much business. I do not believe it’s the lack of business around but the lack of commitment of people in the group to go the extra mile to help each other.

There is a nice description I read once of Heaven and Hell. It describes Hell as a place where people are seated around a dining table, starving, and yet on the table before them is an array of sumptuous food. The people at the table can smell the beautiful aromas and yet no one is able to eat. They are all starving despite being in the midst of so much food. On closer inspection each person has a long ladle strapped to each arm. They are unable to bend their arms and the ladle is too long to reach their mouth. There is much wailing and gnashing of teeth! [click to continue…]

3 Ways to Turn Your Networking Into Business

February 7, 2013

So many people attend business networking events, participate in online business networks and have networking meetings. But what do they get back from all of that time and effort? The answer is usually very little. They struggle when it comes to turning networking into business. To explore this, I use the phrase ‘CTC’ in my many networking and referral seminars. It stands for any of the following:   Card to Client Contact to Customer Card to Connection Connection to Client You get the idea. It’s about turning a business card into a sale. It’s about converting your networking leads into paying customers and clients. It’s [...]

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Five Great Reasons to be in a Mastermind Group

January 14, 2013

“You’ve got to do it by yourself, but you can’t do it alone.” Martin Rutte Collaboration and partnership are key maxims for business success, whatever century or sector you’re in. Anybody who has achieved anything of note in the world has done it with some kind of a team around them. Mastermind groups (MMG) are the cutting edge of successful business networking – spending quality time with other like-minded people to accelerate your business goals.

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People Buy Solutions to Problems

October 19, 2012

It’s often said that “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”. This only goes part of the way. When building a word of mouth marketing strategy, it’s actually more important to focus on who knows you and essentially, what they say about you. Have you spent much time thinking about what you want people to say about you? When I ask groups this question, they almost always talk straight away about characteristics. They want people to say they are reliable, professional, efficient and other such traits. 

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Small talk makes a big difference to business networking

October 4, 2012

One of my pet hates at networking meetings is to meet someone for the first time and they jump straight into ‘So, what do you do?’ It’s very common but just because other people do it does not mean it’s effective. It tends to lead to conversations without connection and networking is all about connection. Small talk is to networking what oil is to an engine. It makes everything run so much more smoothly. With a bit of old fashioned small talk, people tend to open up more and connect with you. Of course you will inevitably get to the [...]

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