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by Penny Power on April 16, 2014 · 1 comment

images[8]I always take great delight in writing a blog for BNI as I know it lands on people that understand and live by a philosophy of ‘Givers Gain’. In this month’s blog I thought I would examine this belief system against the backdrop of how we all use the online world.

I remember when blogging was first introduced on our community site Ecademy, an online and offline Business Network that Thomas and I founded in 1998. We introduced blogging in 2002. Teaching people the technology of uploading a blog was one thing; the next step was to ensure they weren’t loading an advert in the form of an editorial. The term ‘advertorial’ started to be shouted out at members when they stepped over this delicate line.

Learning to ‘give your knowledge freely but sell your expertise’ was a balance and we encouraged members to become more open with one another, random in the way they connected and supportive in their intent. Many people came to the online world with a Closed, Selective and Controlling mindset, very true to the old ways of doing business. One thing for sure the ‘connected world’ has forced us all to re-examine our intentions for connecting and networking.The terms Open, Random and Controlling (ORS) and Closed Selective and Controlling (CSC) were created by my husband and Business Partner, Thomas Power during a spontaneous interview in 2007, captured, date stamped and the IP protected through uploading and sharing on YouTube. Thomas and I embedded this thinking into our training and coaching and in time, thanks to working with Darren Shirlaw we turned this into an online questionnaire that you can take for free to see what combination of ‘Open or Closed’, ‘Random or Selective’ and ‘Supportive or Controlling you are, there are 8 types.

Last year Thomas was working at a large client in London, a global consulting firm and a ‘client’ he was coaching said ‘I have no time for social media yet I know I need to look good online’, does that feel familiar to you? His client had recognised that our social credibility was fast becoming an asset that we all needed to grow. Thomas knew Colin Lucas-Mudd in Silicon Valley and over the past 18 months he and Colin have worked passionately with a team that Colin has built to bring Scredible to market. (Socially Credible).

This online application is designed to serve you and help you to become Socially Credible in the sector that you are part of and may want to lead conversations within. On set up you’ll be asked to complete your profile, this will begin the process of assisting you in elevating your voice online and to some of you, help you find that voice. I want to share this with you all at BNI as some of the first to hear about it as the belief system behind this business is to help you serve the communities that you care about, and I believe that is the bedrock of BNI.

Scredible is available at and you can register now, if you get on early you will be part of the BETA and the launch.

Penny Power
Penny Power is the Founder of Ecademy and Digital Youth Academy, two communities that assist in the growth of Social Capital and deliver the promise of the Internet through their community values and peer to peer knowledge exchange. Penny is now focusing on the skills gap that exists within the business community toward leveraging the social digital world and you can follow her on Twitter @pennypower or sign up for her newsletter on

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Gill Tiney April 22, 2014 at 07:18

Building a personal brand is something we all need to consider and being credible online is a huge part of that. Thanks Penny for highlighting how to do this with Scredible, a great initiative for the future. I wish you every success with it


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