If it’s good enough for Usain Bolt, it’s good enough for me

by Andy Bounds on December 2, 2012 · 0 comments

Excluding relays, Usain Bolt has run in four finals in the previous two Olympics.  He’s won four Gold medals and has become widely accepted as the fastest man ever.

And do you know how long he took to win these four finals?  57.94 seconds.

That’s less than a minute.

In fact, that’s less time than you’ll spend reading this blog.  Talk about practising hard so you perform brilliantly when it matters…

I find it interesting to look at things in this way.  It’s like with BNI: did you know that you ‘only’ get about one hour every year to ask your chapter for referrals?  That’s 50 one-minute slots and one 10-minuter.

When you look at it like this, you see how critical your 10-minute slot is.  It’s one sixth (17%) of your annual time.  And, if you get two 10-minute slots in a year, it becomes two sevenths of your time – a whopping 29%.

Given this, can you think of any good reason why you wouldn’t bust a gut to prepare a brilliant 10?minute slot?

No.  Neither can I!

The good news is there are only three things to master:

1. Be interesting at the start

Grab your chapter’s attention early, so they think “This will be good”. If you don’t – and they think “this will be bad” – it’s going to be a loooong ten minutes for everyone, especially you.

Use a stat (like Usain Bolt), a joke, a question they have to answer to… anything that perks them up.

2. Be interesting in the middle 

You know what audiences like when listening to any presentation – interactivity, stories, fun, new ideas, good visuals, interesting demos etc.

So, make sure you include some. For ‘interactivity’, ask questions. For ‘stories’, write and practice them. For ‘fun’, include a quiz, joke, game etc.

If you don’t, it’s not interesting.

If you do, it is.

3. Be interesting at the end

After you’ve asked for your referrals (as always, be very specific), finish on a high.  Again, a stat, joke, question etc.

As you can tell, I strongly advise you to work hard to make sure it’s interesting.

And, yes, this will take you time to prepare.

But you’ll find it’s well worth putting in the time – ask Usain Bolt.

Andy Bounds
Andy Bounds has helped his customers win over £8billion of new business. He was voted Britain’s Sales Trainer of the Year. His book The Jelly Effect (Capstone) is an international best-seller. To receive his weekly tips on improving sales and communication, visit www.andybounds.com/tips.

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