Phil Berg

About Phil

Phil is married to childhood sweetheart, Jackie and has two lovely children, Natasha and Jamie. Jamie is studying PR and Marketing at Bournemouth University and Natasha has entered her GCSE year at school. Phil’s interests are mainly sports related. He loves the gym, is a keen golfer (even though I don’t get out as much as I’d like) and follows football and Rugby. As a boy, Phil trained at Spurs and QPR and genuinely hoped to become a professional footballer. His son, Jamie is an excellent rugby player and Phil loves watching him play whenever possible.

About Phil’s Business

Phil has a few roles in his business life ..

  • BNI Assistant National Director, UK & Ireland
  • BNI Executive Director for London North East
  • BNI Managing Director for London North West, Herts & Beds

The above roles involves supporting, educating and training a Director team of 50+ and a membership of 1400+

  • Senior partner for “Reach YOUR Goals”, a sales training company

In all of Phil’s roles, he helps people to … increase their sales, their personal confidence and to develop their businesses

Phil is currently involved in writing 3 books ..

  • One liners of influence
  • 200 Ways to sell
  • Just ask