Penny Power

About Penny Power

Founder of Ecademy, a community for Micro and Small Businesses to support and share knowledge with one another. I am now creating a Youth Academy to bring the community values and peer to peer learning to the 16-24 year olds with the delivery of a Social Media Apprenticeship that will help them achieve employment or learn how to deliver services to business themselves as self employed people. I have been married for 21 years and have 3 children in their teens. I believe in the following values for business – Open, random and Supportive and in all that I do I try to live by those values.

About Penny’s Business

Ecademy was Founded in 1998 to serve Entrepreneurs, it is now used in over 200 countries and has a very deep level of engagement through the open Blogging area and the culture of embracing new contacts. We provide many features to help business owners to share their skills and brand across the social media sites, Twitter being the most critical. This year I am creating a new community and resource for young people to network and grow their human and social capital, it is called the Digital Youth Academy and will launch in the Spring of 2012. I also have a Coaching School that deliver 4 days courses that can be licensed by other people who want to deliver social media training and coaching to businesses.

Penny’s Book

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