Iain Whyte

About Iain

Iain Whyte is considered an expert in Word of Mouth Marketing, he  been involved with BNI for over 10 years.  He has worked with BNI members in his own region and helped many people across the world to achieve results.  Iain is dedicated member of the European Director Training Team with BNI.

His book “Life, Business & Speedboats” is straight-talking and hard-hitting.  Iain’s passion is helping people to see that they already know all the people they need to in order to grow a business, showing them how to work existing relationships.

Iain is married to his lovely wife Val, and has 3 gorgeous children, Morag, Heather and Angus.  Iain lives in beautiful Perthshire, Scotland.

About Iain’s Business

Iain’s business is “Big Man Talking”, in his capacity of international keynote speaker he delivers engaging presentations  to business owners around the world, helping them to achieve more sales.  In his coaching business Coach2Results,  Iain works with a small selection of clients each year, who once interviewed and selected, he is able to help deliver against their business goals and life objectives through accountability, education and partnership.

Iain’s Book

Life, Business and Speedboats