David Wimblett

About David

David is married and has four grown up sons whom he has great fun giving a run for their money when playing  5-a-side football, karting and skiing.

Having been an Arsenal fan for over 30 years, he can remember the 1971 Double, David knows about hard knocks but he also knows what it is like to be a winner.

David’s other interests including cooking, sailing, writing and F1.  His current ambition is to run fifty 5k Races in the next two years.

About David’s Business

David Wimblett is a business success mentor and founded 7 Training in 2010. His ambition is to help as many business owners as possible achieve the business success that they are looking for.  David formed his first company at the age of 21 after a somewhat heated debate over his sales abilities with his boss.  It was a Friday; he started his business on the following Monday.

He then went on to build one of the most respected printing companies in the Middlesex area, with a reputation for producing the right product, always delivered on time.

David’s Book

BNI: One Bite at a Time