Charlie Lawson

About Charlie

Charlie and his partner Hannah spend most of their time running around after their toddler son, enjoying his ever-increasing vocabulary and his capacity to keep everyone amused by his antics. Charlie & Hannah hope to grow the family when the time is right.

Charlie’s passions are football (he’s a Spurs season ticket holder), cars (he particularly enjoys F1), photography (he’s a keen amateur) and snowboarding (he can get down a mountain…)

Charlie is one inch off a giant – and as ever, has an inordinately large smile.

About Charlie’s Business

Charlie is the National Director of BNI in the UK & Ireland. BNI sets up groups of professionals, with only one person per business category per group, and teaches those groups how to be supremely effective at finding word of mouth referrals for each other.

BNI operates on the philosophy of Givers Gain – if I give business to you, you’ll be motivated to try and generate business for me.

Charlie’s goal is to help BNI members in the UK and Ireland pass £1bn of referral business every year.