Side view of a young boy using laptop isolated on white backgrouI guess we all have something to celebrate on the back of me being awarded an OBE for ‘Services to Entrepreneurship in Social and Digital Development’ in the New Year Honours 2014!

Why you?  Well, I assume you are an entrepreneur.  These are the great people that BNI attract, and I assume you ‘get’ digital as you are logging on and reading a blog.  The part missing from the Queen’s Citation to me was ‘networking’.  Everything I have done and continue to do is about helping business people understand how to network online.  I know 100% that as a BNI member you are aware of business networking.  So, here you are – please celebrate with me that our world has been recognised at quite a high level. [click to continue…]

How to prevent social media burnout

by Linda Parkinson-Hardman on February 4, 2014 · 0 comments

Cheerful businesswoman showing tumbs upWith its ‘always on’, 24/7 culture it is very easy to become so wrapped up in the world of social media that burnout is a very real risk that everyone participating runs. However, with a few simple changes to the way that we manage our online lives, we can avoid this pitfall and continue to enjoy the benefits for many years to come. [click to continue…]

I Like, You Like, We Like

by Linda Parkinson-Hardman on August 27, 2013 · 0 comments

If you have been around the web and on any of the social networks you will probably have noticed an increasing ability to ‘like’ something, be it a website, Facebook page or LinkedIn status update. It can seem as if the word ‘like’ is taking over the world. [click to continue…]

Mentoring – are you up for it?

by Penny Power on April 12, 2012 · 1 comment


I just came off the phone following a random conversation from a person I don’t know.  It was created due to noticing a desperate status update that I read on FaceBook where she was stating how hard life was as a single mum with 4 young children and how much she wanted to start her own business.


For some reason we were connected to FaceBook, we were already ‘friends’, her status came past me as I checked the news feeds from my network. I commented on her update saying “sending love sounds like a challenging time for you” and she immediately replied “can I speak to you, you could be the answer to my prayers”. [click to continue…]