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10 Things the Best Networkers Do

by Rob Brown on March 4, 2014 · 0 comments

welcoming guestsGrowing your business by networking and referrals makes good sense. Pretty much all business is personal these days, and building trusted relationships that lead to recommendations and introductions is a good use of your time. Good networking is coachable. You can get better. And the best way to do that is to copy the great networkers. Here are 10 things you will always see the best networking doing…
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ColumboThere’s something stunningly crass about asking for referrals before you’ve even delivered the most basic service to a new customer. And yet so many people do it.

Known as ‘The Columbo Close’ after the TV detective who would be on his way out of the door, before turning around and, with his immortal words, delivering the knockout blow that would unmask the villain of the piece. In the sales world, the villain of the piece is the salesman who finishes off his sales pitch by asking ‘one more thing’. [click to continue…]

Is LinkedIn a number’s game?

by Heather Townsend on December 1, 2011 · 11 comments

I’ve often wondered whether LinkedIn is a numbers game. My networking methodology and philosophy is firmly centred in relationship management. So, surely LinkedIn should be used to deepen and strengthen relationships rather than building up a large number of connections? [click to continue…]

Have you let anyone down recently?

by David Wimblett on November 14, 2011 · 0 comments

Trust is a major factor when it comes to people recommending you. Let’s face it, however good you think a company’s service is, would you easily recommend them if you couldn’t completely trust them?

I’m guessing that the answer is probably no – certainly I know that I would think twice.

It’s really important that we don’t raise people’s hopes by making a promise only to dash them by breaking that promise.  It wrecks our credibility and therefore any trust that person has in us and our company. [click to continue…]

Alone but not lonely

November 7, 2011

As I sit at home on my laptop, the hum of the computer server in the background and the occasional movement from one of my dogs I don’t feel lonely but I am alone. Loneliness is something I have feared all my life, it has limited me and it has driven me. But here and now, alone in my house I still feel connected.

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