Iain Whyte

It’s a Pain!

by Iain Whyte on March 30, 2012 · 0 comments

That’s what we solve for clients is it not? We take pain away from them so they can be more efficient and profitable in their business, or personal life for that matter.

Generally, potential clients do not want to hear the benefits of your products and services – although people think they do. A study done some years ago where 200 homeowners were given a survey on their homes proves this. Half the homeowners were told if they insulated their homes they would save 50 cents a week. 12 people out of the 100 took up the offer. The second group were informed they would lose 50 cents a week by not insulating their homes, and 57 out of the 100 went ahead.  It was the same information delivered differently. People like to get rid of pain, so finding out what pain you can solve for clients will assist you to get more clients. Think about it, whenever you buy something yourself why do you do it? Emotion? Perceived pain relief? [click to continue…]

Commonsense, is it dead?

by Iain Whyte on January 17, 2012 · 6 comments

I don’t know about you, but I do sometimes wonder if common sense is dead. On a recent trip through Luton airport, I was challenged because my plastic bag containing my toiletries was out with the prescribed size. There was nothing wrong with the toiletries. However the bag was too big. I was then asked I could either purchase a bag or lose all my toiletries. Bearing in mind I had travelled through 3 other airports that week with the said bag I was somewhat confused. Now, I respect the security at airports and have no problem with it, but when I asked the supervisor why did I have to change the bag, all I got was “these are the rules”, if you don’t comply we will confiscate your toiletries. I was rather annoyed to say the least and stated what could I do? The reply was succinct “if you have a complaint write to the authorities”.  With 15 min to catch my flight this did not make me entirely happy. I like so many people complied, bought a new bag for a £1 and proceeded to put the new purchased bag inside my bag, which apparently was acceptable! [click to continue…]