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Working Closely With Your Network

by Ewan Sturman on September 25, 2014 · 0 comments

referral-weekly-activity-150x150Whilst I was on holiday in Turkey recently I bumped into my friend Alan from my golf club. Alan was very surprised to see me thousands of miles away from home, staying in the same hotel as him at the same time! My wife said, “This happens all the time to Ewan, he’s always bumping into people he knows wherever he goes.” [click to continue…]

The Golden Rules Of Networking

by Ewan Sturman on July 29, 2014 · 0 comments

Networking GroupI was at The Open recently with a group of people and the subject of networking came up over a beer.

I was listening and it came across as if networking was almost like a science. What to do, what not to do, how to behave, how not to behave. How do you work a room effectively? Should you network online or offline? I was then asked the question I was dreading… “Ewan, what do you think?”

I said: “Networking is simple. People make it more complicated than it needs to be”. [click to continue…]

Using Credibility to Gain Visibility

by Ewan Sturman on May 20, 2014 · 0 comments

What do you do with business cards_I was working with a Solicitors’ firm some time ago and I noticed a glass fronted cabinet with some brochures in it.

I asked if I could have a look at one and the Solicitor said “of course, you can take a couple”.

I then asked a question which stumped the Solicitor: ‘if I am already here in your office why would I need a brochure?’ [click to continue…]

business team standingI was working with a client recently and I came upon a recurring problem.

The client was a well-established, family run business with a large turnover and several different departments selling different products to different customers. To give them an idea of how being very specific about who your target market is, we were doing a who-would-be-your-dream-client exercise. [click to continue…]

Put down your kindle

November 7, 2013

I was recently sitting on a train waiting to come home from an exhibition in London. I had a seat but the train was starting to fill up. That dreaded feeling started in the pit of my stomach. You know the one. Who is going to sit next to me? I tried spreading my stuff out as much as possible which put a few passengers off but it would only work for so long. So I put my stuff away and got out my Kindle to use as a protective barrier and to show the unwanted passenger that I didn’t [...]

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How to turn a contact into a referral gold mine

June 19, 2013

Most people are in a network of some kind, whether it is professional networking or more of an informal networking group. But one common miss conception in all networking groups is this. “I need to meet loads of new people and contacts”. The good news is that you don’t.

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What is this networking thing?

December 27, 2012

“Networking – that’s not for me. Cheesy American rubbish! You can’t get business just by chatting to people, besides I’ve got better things to do with my time. Trust me; it will never catch on…” I’ve had all these thrown at me in the past and I still probably hear one similar phrase a week dismissing networking as new age nonsense. But let’s look at this a bit closer and see whether networking is new or American, or whether it even works.

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October 29, 2012

A few years ago, if I were setting off on a journey to somewhere new or unfamiliar I would have done a few things first: look at a map, calculate how long the journey would take, choose the best route and note down a few alternative ways in case I came across road works or delays. We now have more modern technologies like Sat Navs which allow us to simply type in the destination and they do the rest. In a matter of minutes they calculate the route, the length of time the journey will take and they can even advise [...]

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