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member-orientation-1024x768Does this sound familiar? You get a referral.  You meet with the potential customer. It goes well. She seemed to enjoy it. You certainly did. It looks like you might well work together. So, you run back to the office. You prepare the information she wants.  You send it to her on time. You can almost smell the sale. But then you don’t hear back. Nothing.

And you now have that horrendous dilemma – do you:

  • chase her, and feel you’re pestering; or
  • leave it, and feel impotent?

Both horrible, yes?

The fact is: it’s hard to re-ignite these things once they’ve gone cold. A delay is never good. So, it’s essential you do all you can to inject pace and stop this happening. [click to continue…]

Networking Ninja

by Andy Bounds on August 19, 2014 · 1 comment

Networks that fitHere’s my advice on how to become a Networking Ninja, so you work the room quicker than before, better than before and with more confidence than before…

Networking within BNI is often pretty pleasant. Members have been trained how to do it well.  They ask lots of good questions about your business. You know that you’ll be welcomed into any group you approach. And, although networking is never easy, BNI makes it as easy as it’s possible to be. [click to continue…]

Build a Better Business: It’s as easy as ABC!

by Andy Bounds on March 11, 2014 · 0 comments

Chapter Directors OreientationComedian Bob Monkhouse used to say the secret to a good presentation was ABC and XYZ: Always Be Confident and eXamine Your Zipper!

To be honest, that is just about the best advice there is.

But, the initials ABC can also be used to signify something else critical to our success: the three steps of winning a sale… [click to continue…]

Reliable stampI once went on a Time Management Course.  It didn’t start well.  In fact, the trainer had lost the respect of the delegates before she started.  Why? Because she was late!  On a Time Management Course! [click to continue…]

Your best customer ISN’T your best customer

October 22, 2013

I have a question for you: Who is your best customer? Is it the company who: Pays you the most? (best for income) Has the biggest name? (best for marketing and for making you feel proud)

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The 3Hs: the easiest way to sell more

August 13, 2013

Some indisputable facts about selling: Your business needs more sales You’ll save lots of time, cost and hassle if you win sales using the easiest methods It’s easier to sell to people who know you than people who don’t Most of your customers could buy more from you than they currently do

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How to write good proposals

June 3, 2013

Imagine wanting to treat your loved one with a morning cup-of-tea.  You tiptoe downstairs, so you don’t wake them.  You make the drink, then tiptoe back upstairs.  You know they’ll love your generous gift of love… …and then you spill it all over them. All that thoughtful hard work ruined by one mistake.  In fact, you’d have been better off not even trying.  It’s been a total waste of everyone’s time; and your relationship hasn’t improved one bit.

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Bored Meetings

April 4, 2013

Eight simple ways to stop tedious meetings ruining your week BNI meetings are brilliant – lots gets done. There’s bundles of energy.  Everyone contributes. Most business meetings, of course, aren’t like this.  In fact, research by Epson found that inefficient meetings cost the UK economy £26billion per year.  Apparently, we waste an average of nearly three hours every week because of inefficiencies in meetings. Here are my eight ways to transform meetings, so you get more done, more quickly, and with minimal waste.

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