Your 3 Step Plan for Profit and Profile Using LinkedIn (Part 1)

by Rob Brown on May 15, 2013 · 0 comments

Side view of a young boy using laptop isolated on white backgrouAssuming you’ve already defined your target market (the kind of customers/clients you want to do business with), then your first step on LinkedIn is to get yourself noticed by that target market. That means making your profile sticky and engaging.

Your next step is to build up your connections so you can communicate and be seen by that target audience. This involves joining groups, sending requests to connect and making yourself found so people want to connect with you. It’s no good playing a great game to an empty stadium!

Today I’m going to share with you some great tips on creating a sticky profile and increasing your connections to build your network. Next time I’ll share with you some great lead generation tips using LinkedIn

6 Profiling Tips:

  1. Your name, photo and professional headline are prime real estate when it comes to online networking. That’s your shop window.
  2. Further down, set up a decent public profile link or ‘vanity URL’ which doesn’t have a bunch of numbers in like the LinkedIn default setting.
  3. Add to that some good website links to blogs, company site, personal site etc
  4. Ensure you’re reachable through posting relevant contact details – people connect in all kinds of different ways, so make it easy for them with links to email, Twitter, Skype, phone and even postal address.
  5. The Summary section tells your story. If people scroll ‘below the fold’ of the first few sections, your personal summary should hook them right in. This is often the hardest thing to write but it’s worth taking some time to craft. Mine contains a personal story element (my journey), who I help and how I help them. Check it out here.
  6. Experience is your chance to show what you’ve done and are doing. Consider having multiple roles/job titles for your current position (I have seven!)

6 Connecting Tips

  1. Join up to 50 groups. Aside from the many other benefits, it means you can reach out and connect to those members without needing their email address.
  2. Use LinkedIn search to find people in particular sectors, with certain job titles, in specific geographical areas.
  3. Use InMails (LinkedIn’s internal email system) to approach those ‘hard to reach’ contacts.
  4. Invite your contacts. LinkedIn can import people you already have a relationship with, like your Gmail or Outlook contacts, or even an Excel database.
  5. Follow up your networking contacts by looking for them online and saying how it was great to meet them.
  6. Personalise your connection requests. Using the stock LinkedIn text doesn’t work well, and will likely get pushed back. If you want to connect with someone, show them you mean it!

Once you’ve created a good profile and built your connections, your third and final step is to engage your audience to show them how great you are (your expertise). This will hopefully help you generate leads and create opportunities.  LinkedIn is great for generating leads if you know what you’re doing.

The majority of SMEs (58%) are actively using LinkedIn to generate leads and promote their business. If social media is a channel to market for you, LinkedIn generates more customers than all of the others. In my next article I’ll share with you my best tips to generate LinkedIn leads for your business. Happy networking!

Rob Brown is an international speaker and networking coach who helps business people make lots more money from networking and referrals. He works with leaders, entrepreneurs and senior executives who are great at what they do BUT want to ‘stand out’ more and sell themselves, their ideas and their ‘stuff’ much better! He shows them how to become powerfully CONNECTED, extremely VALUABLE and highly VISIBLE with all the right people. As a result, they soon become the compelling ‘go to’ choice and influential ‘player’ in their space, with all the kudos, wealth and opportunities that brings.

Rob is author of the bestseller How to Build Your Reputation and founder of the Global Networking Council, which comprises the world’s top thought leaders on the topics of networking, referrals, connecting, relationships, trust, influence and communication. Connect to Rob on Twitter @therobbrown or pick up a free copy of Rob’s great guide: 57 Tips to Build Your Reputation (VALUE £27)>>

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