Why would you stop what is working well for you – unless you don’t know it is !!

by Phil Berg on September 26, 2012 · 0 comments

In most conversations people either ask, or get asked, “How’s business?”  It’s a normal conversation starter – or conversation ender, depending upon the answer! But in nearly every case you get a selection of the same answers: “It’s tough out there”, “it’s hard work”or“we’re doing ok, but we are working harder than ever. 

In business, it is so easy to fall into the trap of simply, going with the flow of things and never taking a step back and analysing where you are at. When it’s busy, we work very hard keeping up and when it’s not busy, we work even harder to get business back on track. 

When I’m talking to someone about their business, I always ask a few strategic questions:

-       Where do you get the majority of your business from?

-       What percentage of your business do you actually get from this source?

-       How much profit do you achieve from this source?

-       How much effort do you put in to achieve this result?

Most of the replies are based on a gut feeling and I am still continually surprised, and disappointed, by the amount of business people that don’t know the concrete answers to the above questions. Businesses should automatically know the answers and if did, they would know what is working for them and could therefore spend more time doing what’s right and less time doing things that aren’t working. Then perhaps, they could spend more time with their family – wouldn’t that be lovely?

When people set out in business, they set realistic expectations for their organisation. Yet using networking as an income strategy (which is the reason for using it, isn’t it?), businesses don’t seem to be so realistic, or worse still, they don’t set any expectations at all!

At the end of the first year of networking, a question should be asked: “Am I on target?

If yes, fantastic! Review your goals and set new ones for next year.

If no, what didn’t work and do you need to stop doing it, or do you need to do it better?

One thing that you shouldn’t do is quit.

Everyone is after more business, but they often don’t realise that it is right in front of them.  Worse still, they quit something which they are putting time into, without even realising that it is working for them.

Let me give you an example of something that happened to me recently.

A colleague of mine has been involved for many years with the development of a lovely restaurant in Rickmansworth.  As I write this, they are in the middle of designing a new website for the restaurant.  Myself and a four other “models” were invited for lunch with a view of photographs being taken.

I arrived to meet Steve (I have protected his name – or maybe not), the professional photographer that I hadn’t seen for at least two years. “Lovely to see you! How did you get this job?

During the meal (which was yummy, I hasten to add), we were joined by Malcolm (again, protected name – or maybe not), the professional web designer.  We had exactly the same discussion “Lovely to see you! How did you get this job?”I asked again.

I then asked them both this question; “Are you still in your networking group?  You’ve guessed it, their answer was – no.

Then the killer question, “So, how did you get this job?” You’ve guessed it again – through their networking contacts. 

Malcolm had left very recently because, in his own words, “the group had become full of too many trades people. 

Steve had left two years ago, because “we have just become too busy.

Both of them had left, giving, in their opinions, valid reasons or in other words, an excuse. Yet neither of them realised that networking had worked, and still is working, for them.

Here are a few things for you to think about.

  • Plan for success, because if you don’t, you will end up too busy to go for it
  •  Don’t let work get in the way of your income
  • If you are not networking effectively, then you are still trying to find it on your own
  • You don’t know, who the people that know you, know
  • Work out what works and do it better and work out what doesn’t and do that better or stop doing it.

Phil Berg
Phil Berg – International, Motivational Speaker. Helping companies and individuals around the world, present and network more effectively, resulting in increased profitability. Phil is practical and speaks the same language as his audience. He will inspire you to be even more successful with his “easy to do” actions and thoughts.

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