Why I recommend that you don’t look for clients when networking

by Heather Townsend on November 11, 2011 · 0 comments

Whenever people ask me who I want to meet, I always answer… “George Clooney”. (Well, which female wouldn’t?)

I then get challenged… “No, Heather – who do you REALLY want to meet?”

At which point, I answer honestly, “George Clooney”.

By this point in the conversation, I’m normally getting the vibes that I’m starting to annoy the other person. So, I explain why I want to meet George.

I’m sure everyone would love to win the lottery and have the freedom to live their life without fear of how to pay the bills each month – and I’m no different. So, George Clooney represents someone who, if I met him, could keep me in a way I could definitely become accustomed to.

When I am doing talks on networking or running networking workshops, I encourage people to identify their own George. Who is the person or persons which if they had a close relationship would help them achieve their business and career goals? Interestingly, when my clients have identified their own George, they suddenly find that they keep on meeting George – often in places they least expect.

Far too often we are only focused on meeting potential clients when we are networking, whereas we need to be looking for George. I’ll explain…

George tends to be a referral source or introducer who has the willingness (very important), influence and ability to help us achieve our short term business and career goals. It’s when I explain to my clients that it often takes less effort to build up a mutually beneficial relationship with George than convert a client met whilst networking, that the light bulbs really go on…

So who would you prefer to meet? A potential client or someone who can recommend you to potential clients month in month out?

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