“Why didn’t you tell me they were your clients?”

by Ewan Sturman on March 18, 2014 · 0 comments

business team standingI was working with a client recently and I came upon a recurring problem.

The client was a well-established, family run business with a large turnover and several different departments selling different products to different customers. To give them an idea of how being very specific about who your target market is, we were doing a who-would-be-your-dream-client exercise. This is simply a shout-out session on who would be a really good client that you have not already got – you might want to try it and see what comes up.

Anyway, one department said that they would really like to deal with company X. Someone in another department said that they already dealt with them. This sparked a bit of a row as the 1st department had been trying to get company X as an introduction for 2 years.

This might sound strange but it had happened at every company I have worked with. So what do we learn from this? Share information amongst your team, your network, even the people that you socialise with, as they are all part of your network.

I hear all the time – “Why didn’t you tell me they were your clients?” to which the response 100% of the time is “You never asked”.

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