Who to Build Relationships With?

by Phil Berg on July 1, 2014 · 0 comments

Joined in business“Everyone”, I hear you scream, and yes that’s true, in general. Always remember that you never know who the people you know, know.  Therefore, you never know who the people you don’t know, know!

It’s so easy (in fact it’s too easy) to make the mistake that the person in front of you doesn’t have the same personality as you, which by the way, is what makes the world go around. Therefore, we haven’t really got the time to build relationships with them because it’s too much like hard work.

If you are going to proactively build relationships, who would you choose first?

  • Introducers

These are the people that can make a big difference to your future sales.  Not only how many sales, but also how easily they can be achieved.  There are many businesses that can supply their product or services to anybody and everybody. These are the same businesses who, quite often, find it difficult to be specific when asking for who they would like to be introduced to!

List the industries that supply their products or services to your own target market (even better if they supply them earlier than your product or services are required). Meet with them to discuss how introducing you to their clients can be of benefit to them (WIIFT – what’s in it for them).  Would they want a small percentage of the order? Would they want a finder’s fee? Will they be able to close more orders themselves, due to the extra credibility your relationship gives them?

  • Strategic Alliances

Strategic alliances are generally more “mutually” beneficial as there is likely to be introductions going both ways.  From them to you and from you to them.

  • Those that love you and would always be willing to help – but they don’t know how

Who would they be? Friends and family, for example.

If you can further develop focused business relationships with all of the above and be of value to these people, then they will happily introduce you to their contacts. As we know, a personal recommendation will always have the best chance of success.

The moral of the story is not to disregard anyone when thinking of whom you need to build relationships with!

Phil Berg
Phil Berg – International, Motivational Speaker. Helping companies and individuals around the world, present and network more effectively, resulting in increased profitability. Phil is practical and speaks the same language as his audience. He will inspire you to be even more successful with his “easy to do” actions and thoughts.

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