What’s the story?

by Sandra Hart on March 13, 2013 · 0 comments

What is your story?I went to University in Dublin, a favourite greeting there is “What’s the story?” which is sometimes shortened to “story?”  Being from the Mayo, deep in the west of Ireland, when I went to Dublin first I wasn’t used to the “North Side” accents and really didn’t know what most people were talking about for a few weeks, I thought it was some sort of Gaelic slang!!

Really when you think about it, we love telling each other stories, years ago we had professional storytellers in Ireland sitting around fire places recanting stories and telling tales. Now we have great speakers who do the circuit mesmerising audiences with their story, empowering others with their experiences. I remember hearing Bear Grillis years ago speak of his adventures; it was as if we were all there with him on the journey.

Stories are so important when you want to use word of mouth marketing as a route to market as if your referral partners are armed with great stories about your business, it is much easier for them to refer you. So what do you need in a story to make it good?

  1. Continuity, have a beginning, middle and an end with a call to action
  2. Have a hero (usually you!!)
  3. Paint me a picture of the situation; give me the little details, what age are they? where do they live? What time did something happen?
  4. Emotional Connection, a story must bring me into it emotionally, make me  cry, laugh, be disgusted, angry, horrified……whatever you make me feel will make it easier for me to remember it and pass it on

Remember facts tell, stories sell! Tell stories when you are networking, doing presentations and at 121 meetings, help others around you to tell those stories on. Remember word of mouth marketing is about words coming out of other people’s mouths, they may as well be telling your stories!!

We would love to hear your stories and share them with others!

Sandra Hart
Sandra Hart runs BNI, Irelands leading business referral organisation, she trains and mentors members and leads a team who enable local business people to find new clients and generate new business. She is an expert on the topics of networking, word of mouth marketing and referrals.

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