Using Credibility to Gain Visibility

by Ewan Sturman on May 20, 2014 · 0 comments

What do you do with business cards_I was working with a Solicitors’ firm some time ago and I noticed a glass fronted cabinet with some brochures in it.

I asked if I could have a look at one and the Solicitor said “of course, you can take a couple”.

I then asked a question which stumped the Solicitor: ‘if I am already here in your office why would I need a brochure?’

So how to you get your brochures and leaflets to prospects?

Most marketing literature never leaves your place of work so why bother getting them done in the first place? I know we all need them but wouldn’t they be of better use if a prospect could pick one up?

If the Solicitor’s brochure were left in an Accountants or Insurance Brokers or Estate Agents would they be more likely to be picked up by a prospect?  The answer is yes.

So, have a think about who you have a good working relationship with who would agree to have your information displayed at their work place, shop or reception area.

Marketing materials will be of more use to you if prospects can pick one up than in a dark cupboard in your office!

Ewan Sturman
Ewan Sturman says as networking is about sharing information please feel free to share this with as many people as you would like. He and Iain Whyte are the joint authors of the Audio CD How to get More Business through people you Already Know

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