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by David Wimblett on October 24, 2012 · 0 comments

You are out networking and you meet a person for the first time and ask, “How’s business?” It’s not the most original opening, and as you don’t have a relationship of any kind yet, you get the answer, “Pretty good”.  You have a pleasant enough conversation and then move on, saying that you must keep in touch.

Several months later you meet the same person at another event and ask the same question and once again get the same reply, “Pretty good”.  Nothing has changed.  You recognise each other but have shared no interests or experiences between your two meetings.  So you don’t feel comfortable about sharing important stuff with them; you don’t know them well enough.  And, it’s likely they feel just the same about you.

In order to go beyond the “How’s business?” phase, and certainly if you want to ever reach the sharing contacts or referring business stage, you need to get to know someone, to build trust.

So, next time you are out networking and meet someone you recognise, listen to the questions you ask and the replies you get back.  If they are bland and pretty much the same as the last time you met, to gain any benefit from knowing the other person you need to improve the relationship.

How?  By arranging that next meeting.  By making time and getting to know one another.

David Wimblett
David Wimblett – author, business success mentor and BNI Area Director for London North West. Director of 7 Training who offer so much more than just theory.

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