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by Phil Berg on September 2, 2014 · 0 comments

member-orientation-1024x768Have you ever found yourself talking to a prospect using language, tonation and style that is not your everyday norm? Well, that’s exactly what we all should be doing. If the prospect begins speaking very eloquently, then you may start speaking clearer, slower and more deliberate. Though if the prospect is speaking very fast and loudly, then you may also adopt their tone and pace of voice.

This is only natural, as you are simply trying to get them to relate to you quickly and therefore deal with you and your business.

We all use one of two styles each and every day – adapted and natural styles. In most situations we adopt our natural style. We have to be what others need us to be if we want them to buy from us! This should come across naturally to other people in order for this to happen.

Treat people like they like to be treated” and not how we like to be treated.

I spent 32 enjoyable years in the carpet and flooring business, and I often look back and remember fondly the people that I dealt with, and the type of characters I came across. The quicker they feel that you are “one of them”, the better and easier it will be to convert in the future. On many occasions my team members would tell me that one of my “friends” had left a message asking me to call them back. It took my team quite a while for them to realise all of my contacts felt like they were my friends.

It also depends A) on whether you know who you are going to meet (and why you are going to meet them) or B) whether it is a chance situation (somebody that you would like to have as a future client has just been introduced to you at a social event perhaps). If it is situation “A”, you can be more proactive. It would be a good idea to find out a little about them beforehand. Speak, dress and act appropriately FOR THEM.

I see it too often (and unfortunately have experienced this myself) that when trying to get the sale, people tend to start talking about products and benefits far too early. It’s pushy and threatening, so don’t do it!

  • Build the relationship
  • Get the business tomorrow – keep the client FOREVER


  • Go for the business now  – and keep the client for NEVER

“People will buy FROM you, once they buy INTO you

Phil Berg
Phil Berg – International, Motivational Speaker. Helping companies and individuals around the world, present and network more effectively, resulting in increased profitability. Phil is practical and speaks the same language as his audience. He will inspire you to be even more successful with his “easy to do” actions and thoughts.


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