It’s a Pain!

by Iain Whyte on March 30, 2012 · 0 comments

That’s what we solve for clients is it not? We take pain away from them so they can be more efficient and profitable in their business, or personal life for that matter.

Generally, potential clients do not want to hear the benefits of your products and services – although people think they do. A study done some years ago where 200 homeowners were given a survey on their homes proves this. Half the homeowners were told if they insulated their homes they would save 50 cents a week. 12 people out of the 100 took up the offer. The second group were informed they would lose 50 cents a week by not insulating their homes, and 57 out of the 100 went ahead.  It was the same information delivered differently. People like to get rid of pain, so finding out what pain you can solve for clients will assist you to get more clients. Think about it, whenever you buy something yourself why do you do it? Emotion? Perceived pain relief?

I would invite you to think about the 3 Ps and get yourself focused:


Who are the people you need to speak to? Who is your target market? Remember, these people could be referral partners / introducers that can lead you to your target market, as well as your target market itself. It is more efficient to get people to introduce you to their contacts/clients. You already know the people you need to help you get to the people you want, all you have to have is clarity in your own head and then ask the people you know to help you.


What pain do you solve for your current clients? Ask current clients why they deal with you. Their answers may surprise you as they are generally not dealing with you because of features and benefits: rather because they know, like and trust you and because you take their pain away. So when closing a sale, remind your potential client of the pain he or she will be left with by not taking you up on your product or services. People will take action based on pain.


Let your prospects know the process you will use to get rid of their pain. Let them know you have solved this for many people and you can do the same for them. Remember you are the expert: clients want to know you are the expert and you can help them. As George Bernard Shaw said, “It is not knowledge men seek, it is certainty”.

Iain Whyte
Iain Whyte is considered an expert in word of mouth marketing through networking. Author of “Life Business & Speedboats” and international keynote speaker, he has helped many businesses across the world to achieve sales results. Iain’s passion is helping people to see that they already know all the people they need to in order to grow a business, showing them how to work existing relationships and refine their networking skills. He and Ewan Sturman are the joint authors of the Audio CD “How to get More Business through people you Already Know”

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