Is fear holding you back from blogging?

by Heather Townsend on January 4, 2012 · 0 comments

A couple of months ago I had the pleasure of working with some marketing managers from a large accountancy network. My challenge was to fill them with confidence so they would go forth with confidence and blog. However, they were literally petrified about blogging…

So, what’s scaring them? like many soon to be bloggers, there is a fear that they will write something stupid which then could go viral around the world and bring them and their part of their practice into disrepute.

It’s a very real fear which many new bloggers face, but not founded on much substance. It’s actually quite hard to get a blog, article or video to go viral. Normally when something has gone viral it contains something ultra ultra topical/controversial, or highly amusing human faux pas – for example the recent e-mail a mother-in-law sent to her prospective daughter-in-law. Typically the material has to first get to a good distribution source, for example The Huffington Post, or key influencers on twitter. If you are writing something for a new accountancy blog, you are unlikely to write anything which fits this description. In the early days your challenge is to actually get it read rather than worrying about it going viral.

I haven’t heard of any blog posts which have gone viral on Accounting Web, CIMA blogs or Accountancy Age blogs. I’ve tried very very hard on occasion to get one or two articles from these well read accountancy related publications to go viral – just within the accountancy community – and being honest failed completely. What I am saying is you have to write something really really stupid and then get it published and read by highly influential people in the accountancy world, for an accountancy blog post to go viral. As an aside, this is pretty much what happened when Intendance decided to get some PR in the lawyer magazine for it’s flawed report on twitter usage in the legal sector…

All of my new bloggers are regulating updating their part of the practice’s website with news and other information. This is no different to what they will be doing when blogging. My role on this workshop is to show them they have nothing to fear by blogging because they are already routinely posting information online. Most partners will want to approve any new blog post anyway – there really is very little risk of writing something which will go viral and damage the reputation of the practice.

What petrified you about blogging?


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