Have you the passion?

by David Wimblett on March 8, 2013 · 0 comments

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARichard Branson, Steven Spielberg and Nigel Botterill all have one thing in common – as do all successful people – a real passion for what they do.  Love them or hate them we all take notice of people that are passionate about what they do, produce or sell.  They are just impossible to ignore.

And it’s just the same when you are networking.

You can have a plan, all the tools, dress the part, and have a great opening line (lift pitch, seven second introduction, whatever you want to call it) but, without real passion, you will never truly succeed.  So what really fires you up about what you do?  What you sell?  What you produce?  Steve Jobs used to call this your ‘Passion Statement’.  It’s a simple sentence, “I’m excited about this product (company, initiative, feature, etc) because it ?????”.  Once you know what your passion statement is, share it with everyone you meet networking and everyone else you meet.

By really getting to know why you do whatever it is that you do the people you meet will sense the passion in your voice, in the words you use and in the way that you look.  Whatever it is will always beat “Hi, my name’s David. I’m a business mentor” or “First time here?  Yeah, mine too”, or “So, how long have you been an accountant?”  And certainly, “At least the food is good, but I could do with some more.”   Real passion will always make you stand out.

So, next time you go networking make sure you know exactly why you do what you do and don’t worry about ‘pushing’ your business cards on people, because the people you meet will want to give you their business card and meet you again!

David Wimblett
David Wimblett – author, business success mentor and BNI Area Director for London North West. Director of 7 Training who offer so much more than just theory.

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