Five Great Reasons to be in a Mastermind Group

by Rob Brown on January 14, 2013 · 0 comments

“You’ve got to do it by yourself, but you can’t do it alone.”

Martin Rutte

business teamwork - business men making a puzzleCollaboration and partnership are key maxims for business success, whatever century or sector you’re in. Anybody who has achieved anything of note in the world has done it with some kind of a team around them. Mastermind groups (MMG) are the cutting edge of successful business networking – spending quality time with other like-minded people to accelerate your business goals.

Here are five reasons why you should be part of a MMG in 2013 and beyond.

  1. Knowledge Is Power. MMGs give you access to hard to find knowledge and experience. They give you short cuts and hidden strategies that can answer your most pressing problems in a targeted and relevant way. Someone once said ‘brains are like batteries…the more you have around you, the greater the power.’ You get access to contacts, resources and expertise that you’d probably have to pay massively for otherwise.
  2. Accountability Counts. All the self-discipline in the world won’t beat accountability. And when it comes from a group, it gets things done! Your MMG won’t let you off easily. They’ll make you uncomfortable and they’ll give you an edge. They’ll keep you on track and ensure you do what needs to be done. Business can be lonely. The top people insist on accountability, and so should you.
  3. Collaboration Creates Content. When you really get to know someone’s business, you see opportunities to do business with each other or create something together. New products, ideas, markets, services, income streams can all come from MMGs.
  4. Business Is Life. And life is more enjoyable when shared. You’ll become the sum of the people you spend the most time with. Your mind loves being stretched. You love joking with, inspiring, laughing with, sharing with, appreciating and helping others. It’s what creates some of life’s most significant moments.
  5. Time is Money. How many mistakes will you need to make, how many times will you need to fail and how many doomed projects will you have to embark on before realising? Wasted time is wasted opportunity. A MMG gives you insight, correction, advice and wisdom on everything you’re doing. It’s like having your own virtual board.

Even the most brilliant business person cannot succeed alone. Get around other good people and you’ll not only enjoy life and business more, you’ll achieve your goals faster than you ever dreamed!

Rob Brown
Rob Brown is an expert on making more money from business networking, online and face to face. He loves working with people who want to network for more sales, referrals or career opportunities, Rob’s books, coaching and dynamic talks have helped clients such as GE, HSBC and a range of speakers, leaders and business owners. A regular media contributor, Rob is founder of the Global Networking Council (the world’s top 200 networking thought leaders, authors and gurus) and author of the bestselling book How to Build Your Reputation. For a free copy of Rob’s Networking Follow Up Checklist – 45 tips to Turn Your Business Cards into Business, go to

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