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Think before you Like. The cost of British business getting social media wrong

September 7, 2012

With the latest research confirming SMEs are jeopardising opportunities to make much needed sales through social media, many are still hopeful to use it as a medium of choice – where are we going wrong?  Everybody is telling everyone else how to use social media. We all know we need a presence, we have aspirations to solicit new business, raise our profiles, desire to network and want our share of voice on Google. But still, too many of us are getting it wrong.  Too many businesses are missing sales as a result of this misuse.  Having surveyed1000 SMEs around the [...]

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Barriers to innovation, is it your skills or beliefs?

August 15, 2012

I have written this blog to spark some thoughts around the challenges many businesses are facing now around innovation. Everywhere I go the word I now hear is ‘Innovate’. Not surprising really, we all know that if we don’t adapt and advance our businesses we will not survive. I had a great chat with my son this week about how weird it is to me that the Twix chocolate bar is the same as it has been since it was created in 1967, can you imagine the joy of creating something that never needed to change! Now, I feel the [...]

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Four quick tips to take your off-line networking skills on-line

July 5, 2012

How many times has someone said to you “social networking, it’s not for me” and when you ask them why they say something like “I don’t have time” or “I don’t want to hear about people having coffee all day long”. Often, this sort of reply can be a mask for “I don’t know what to do or why I’d do it”. After all, it can be quite overwhelming to have status updates, news about discussions in groups or tweets coming at you if you aren’t prepared. And yet the reality is that it’s quite simple to get involved in [...]

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Beginners Guide to Social Networks (2)

December 12, 2011

6. To whom do you want to connect? As you start using a social network, have a strategy for connecting with people. This should fit with your goals for the network. For example, if you are looking to raise your profile you might have a more open connection strategy than if you are looking for referrals from your existing network.

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