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The Seven Habits of Highly Ineffective Networkers – Part 1

November 15, 2012

Put your hand up if you know that just being good at what you do is not enough to guarantee success in business (or anything) these days. If you’re in business, you’ll understand that it’s not enough to be a technically good, or have a good product. You’ve got to market yourself, your products and services so you’re not the best kept secret in the world. In short, you’ve got to be easy to find and easy to engage. It’s no good being great but anonymous. If you have a business development angle to your role (and let’s face it, [...]

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What Is the Optimum Size of Your Business Network?

October 15, 2012

“The worst time to think of the best thing to say is when you’re saying it!” Rob Brown Just been reading a great blog post The Most Valuable People in Your Network by Rob Cross. In Malcolm Gladwell’s Tipping Point, he talks about the critical number of 150. When companies, churches, gatherings, networks and communities expand beyond that point, it takes a different level of managing to make things run smoothly. But with technology, online social networking and mobile tools, the networking landscape is changing. So in 21st century networking, what is the optimum size of your business network? Gone are the days when [...]

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6 Ways to Appear More Professional

September 10, 2012

AS I often say to my coaching clients when we’re talking about building their reputation as the go to choice for what they do, it’s more about perception than reality. In other words, it’s often better for you to appear professional than actually be professional. Obviously, both appearing and being great is better by far, but let me explain. Do you know people who are better than you but don’t get as much business? Yes. Equally, you probably know people who you are much better than, but they seem to get more business than you. I’m not saying it’s fair, [...]

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Remember Your Networking Toolkit

August 6, 2012

You know you should network, and you hopefully know where you should be networking. But you can’t turn up to an event or network meeting empty-handed. What you bring with you through the door separates the good networkers and GREAT networkers. The good will go to the event, the great will go completely prepared. And part of showing up prepared is your ‘networking toolkit’. Your networking toolkit will ensure that you achieve the best possible results from any networking event. Your toolkit is one of the biggest keys to the networking doors of success. Let’s take a look at some of [...]

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How to Get People Interested In You When You Network

June 6, 2012

How easy do you find it to get people interested when you’re networking and building relationships? Whether you’re selling an idea, a vision, an argument or a product/service, you want people engaged with your pitch. You want to elicit these magic words: That’s interesting – tell me more. That sounds/looks good – keep talking. If they’re coming back at you with follow up questions such as these, you’ve got a chance: Really – how do you do that? So how does it/will it work? These are buying signals. They’re buying into you as a person. They’re open to liking and [...]

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8 Great Things to Mention in a Compelling Elevator Speech

May 5, 2012

“The worst time to think of the best thing to say is when you’re saying it!” Rob Brown  When you introduce yourself to strangers (and friends) at networking events, can you tell someone everything they need to know to refer you, in just 60 seconds? This is your elevator pitch – your compelling answer to the question ’What do you do?’

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21 Reasons

April 5, 2012

After the news from the wonderful and revered Dr Ivan Misner that he’s in the early stages of prostate cancer, it got me thinking how important our health is in business. Ivan will make a full and complete recovery. He’s in great shape, he looks after himself, and I suspect he has a work schedule that would exhaust most people his age. Is that an accident?

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Why People Don’t Like You and Don’t Return Your Calls

March 13, 2012

Ever met someone at a networking event and thought you had a great connection, only for it to fizzle into nothing? Ever followed up a contact or tried to connect with somebody but hit brick walls and closed doors? If you’re human, you blame them. They’re disorganised. They’re rude. They’re not worth it. But have you ever thought that you could be the problem?

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