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Planning Your Networking Strategy

October 1, 2013

In developing your career and your business, it is no good being the best kept secret in the world. Unfortunately, many people see networking as a prime way to increase the visibility and embark on a networking frenzy without giving too much thought to a proper strategy.  As a result, they attend many events only to find progress is slow, results are haphazard and tracking a return on their investment is difficult.

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Networking- we have to do what we are taught not to do!

September 13, 2013

What do we continue to say to our children? ……….“DON’T SPEAK TO STRANGERS”  Yet to network effectively, what MUST we do ? …… the complete opposite – SPEAK TO STRANGERS !!

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Why Saying Less Could Ensure You Are Referred More

September 5, 2013

If, while you’re reading this blog, one of your friends, family or business associates found themselves face to face with someone you would want to meet, would they know? Would they think of you, recognise the connection, understand why and know what to say?

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The 3Hs: the easiest way to sell more

August 13, 2013

Some indisputable facts about selling: Your business needs more sales You’ll save lots of time, cost and hassle if you win sales using the easiest methods It’s easier to sell to people who know you than people who don’t Most of your customers could buy more from you than they currently do

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How to turn a contact into a referral gold mine

June 19, 2013

Most people are in a network of some kind, whether it is professional networking or more of an informal networking group. But one common miss conception in all networking groups is this. “I need to meet loads of new people and contacts”. The good news is that you don’t.

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Standing on a chair!

November 26, 2012

I was at a networking event recently.  You know the sort of thing, loads of business owners in a room, food and drink, lots of noise, so you have to shout to make yourself heard, and a few people get to give a minute sales pitch.  And, unless you are standing in the front row, or the event has a PA, they can’t be heard and so everyone just continues talking, not taking the slightest bit of notice. Pretty much a waste of time!  Well at this event one of the speakers did their best to be heard; to stand [...]

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The Seven Habits of Highly Ineffective Networkers – Part 1

November 15, 2012

Put your hand up if you know that just being good at what you do is not enough to guarantee success in business (or anything) these days. If you’re in business, you’ll understand that it’s not enough to be a technically good, or have a good product. You’ve got to market yourself, your products and services so you’re not the best kept secret in the world. In short, you’ve got to be easy to find and easy to engage. It’s no good being great but anonymous. If you have a business development angle to your role (and let’s face it, [...]

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What’s the best 10 minute presentation you’ve ever seen?

July 10, 2012

Having discussed a poor BNI 10 minute presentation in a recent blog (which you can read here), I thought it was only fair to highlight one at the other end of the scale. It was about seven years ago, and the fact that I can still remember it speaks volumes for the quality of the presentation.  The BNI member concerned is a photographer (and he’s still in BNI) – and his idea for his presentation was to demonstrate the process of producing a professionally done portrait shot.

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