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by Charlie Lawson on January 9, 2014 · 0 comments

imagesCAXXY15ZSo the stats are in. Tim Cook, my BNI co-National Director (and definitely the statto one of the two of us), has confirmed the turnover generated by BNI members across the UK and Ireland in the calendar year 2013.  The figures are astounding:


·UK: 612,573 referrals, worth £305 million
·Ireland: 67,057 referrals, worth €40 million
·UK/Ireland combined: 679,930 referrals, worth £339m or €409m


These figures represent a rise of 11.5% over 2012’s figures, and have moved us a step closer to our 2020 goal of generating £1bn of referral business for BNI members every year.  Remember – these are the recorded figures through BNI chapters’ Thank You For The Business boxes: the information that BNI members themselves tell us that they’ve invoiced from BNI.

These phenomenal results are due to the hard work of very nearly 13,000 BNI members across the UK and Ireland.  All are committed to helping their fellow members through the Givers Gain concept, and I’d like to thank each and every BNI Member and Director for their contribution.  Every single referral that turns into business helps local people, businesses, regions, even the entire economy: if you ever wondered if BNI is making a difference, don’t!

The part of this that really fascinates me is the 11.5% increase in business generated.  The number of referrals passed in 2013 is actually slightly lower than in 2012 (by 0.57%), so these figures tell us that BNI chapters are helping build better business than ever before.  There are a number of reasons why this may be:

  • BNI members are delivering better presentations to their chapter marketing force, making it easier to pass good business opportunities.  This includes sharing success stories about business done, and more members than ever being specific in their referral requests.
  • BNI members are getting better at tracking the business they are passing – see here for a great story about how one member tracked their business generated from BNI – and this includes the amount of spin off business.  Spin off business is when a job has been completed, the client refers you on to further new clients: access to all of that business only came about because of the original referral.
  • BNI members are increasingly networking not just with their own chapter, but with members across their region, their country, and even the globe.  BNI Connect is a tool that is genuinely bringing small businesses closer together, allowing business to be done with like-minded people wherever they are in the world.

These are just my thoughts on why the business is just getting better and better.  What do you think?


Charlie Lawson
Charlie Lawson – BNI National Director and Word of Mouth marketing expert, whose passion is to see BNI members succeed in their businesses.


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