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by Dinah Liversidge on October 6, 2011 · 0 comments

Introduce two of your best business contacts to each other. Take them to lunch and focus on them.

Around 80% of my work as a Mentor, Speaker and Trainer comes from recommendation from people in my network. They know me and the quality of my work and are happy to talk about me to their contacts. It is because I make time to build relationships, not just a card-file of business cards that I have a team of Advocates out there, working on my behalf.

In January I took two great contacts to lunch; I knew they would get on as they share a passion for fast cars and motorbikes. They also share a passion for value-driven business and ethical trading and only work with ethical Top 500 companies.

The lunch was a joy, but it is the results since the lunch that really excite me. They are working together on 3 projects and the invoice value will ensure they both get family holidays this year. They have formed a collaboration with a Charity and have taken on a project working with young adults to restore cars and teach them safe driving.

And how has this built my credibility – they both talk about me at every opportunity. I have had 4 introductions to new potential clients from them and am working on a project for 2. Not a bad result all round.

When you introduce your best contacts to each other, you let them know that you value them and that you see them as credible.

Dinah Liversidge
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